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Discover Something New About Beauty

May 2018

Maintaining healthy and radiant skin is every woman’s dream. This month, beauty and cosmetics writer Florah Njoki shares tips of achieving healthy skin and how to maintain your cosmetics products. Click here for more information. 

March 2018

The key to looking young, healthy and beautiful lies in a proper skincare. That's why this March, Lintons College of beauty brings you a one-day skincare masterclass. Click here for more information.

February 2018

This month, we share with our SheaMoisture family where to find genuine SheaMoisture products? Click here to see more

We are all guilty of wanting to look more beautiful than ever before. Right? So it’s perfectly normal to want to make major face and body overhauls this new year. Here are 4 simple makeup resolutions that are realistic and doable.

December 2017

This month, Faith Koech gives you some reasons why you should consider learning makeup professionally in 2018! And also take a look at the amazing offers that Lintons Beauty World has in store this festive season. Check it out here.

September 2017

For professions as serious as Law, looking good is an absolute MUST. That's why Lintons Beauty World was proud to partner with the Law Society Of Kenya for this year's LSK Conference held at Diani, Kwale County. Check it out here

This month, local fashionista LINDA GATERE helps us understand how to purchase make-up, and we learn how to rock a "No make-up make-up look". Check it out here

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