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"Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time..."

By Fareean Mwende

The first impression is always very important! Yes, I am in total agreement with that, so should you! This is not just a cheap talk, it is science backed, meaning it has been tested and quantified to be true. With that said, it is important to take care of the one thing that will always be seen first, not only by other people but also by you every single morning. Therefore, what I am taking about here? This is the largest organ of the body (simple science fact), it is a protective armor covering literally your entire body. It is responsible for regulating the body temperature, permits the sensation of touch, heat and cold, and offer protection against microbes and elements. This is the SKIN! Besides doing all of the above, it also plays the greatest role in your physical appearance- remember we talked about first impressions? Yes, the skin can make it or break it.

The key to looking young, healthy and beautiful lies in a proper skincare. This is because a healthy skin will be able to effectively fight the unwanted signs of aging, heals much faster and better, and wastes away any potential disease that would have otherwise caused havoc with unhealthy skin. Unhealthy and dehydrated skin will develop wrinkles with a lot of ease, which will most likely result to jagged patches that have speckled color. Unhealthy skin will sag and appear thin due to lose of its elasticity. These will not only be a health concern to you but also a big blow to your physical appearance and maybe, just maybe, your self esteem too!

Skin care should not only revolve around looking good, but also staying healthy. Rashes, sores. Acne and winkles are all as a result of unscrupulous skin care routines and habits. Unhealthy skin is unlikely to protect from diseases since it is more susceptible to infections, and has the likelihood of scaring after an injury. It is also very important to consider an extra skin care in case one suffers from skin conditions such as skin allergies and psoriasis. A healthy skin will ensure your intern organs are protected from diseases and kept healthy.

The skin is one of the most dynamic organs in the body, it is continuously growing and changing rapidly even as you read this. So it is imperative to remain heedful in caring for it. Keeping a healthy skin begins with water, yes water! Keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water is ideal. The skin also needs nourishment, thus a well-balanced diet packed with important vitamins and minerals should be upheld. For best outcomes, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean proteins would be the priority. The skin should also be protected against the harsh UV rays of the sun, sunscreens and other recommended cosmetics should be applied.

Effective skin care involve proper cleaning. The skin needs to be continuously hydrated to survive, thus applying hot water for washing your face is a NO, as the heat will literally draw off the moisture off your skin. Using cold or warm water would be great. Avoid harsh cosmetic products like heavy soaps which can irritated your skin making it valuable to infections and dehydrations.

The skin is important, it literally expresses who you are on the outside and a reflection of who you are on the inside, health-wise of course. It is important to learn how to take care of your skin by seeking professional support through attending skincare classes or trainings. The classes and training will give you a firsthand exclusives on how to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. You will also have the opportunity to interact and share constructive ideas regarding skincare. 

Borrowing from Linden Tyler saying, ‘invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.’ You should take charge of your skin, seek proficient help through skincare classes and training because that first impression is very important, not only to other people but yourself. Have that skin that if you look at yourself every morning in the mirror, you get filled with enthusiasm and passion to face the day. A skin that makes people have confident in you. A skin that radiates positive energy. A skin keeps you young, healthy and vibrant. Take action today, own your skin, learn more about skincare by joining the Lintons College of Beauty Master class on 24th March. Yes! You can learn a lot about skin care in this one-day class.

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