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Reasons Why You Need To Enroll Into A Beauty School In 2018!

by Faith Koech

Has beauty always been your passion or are you just madly in love with makeup but you’re not fully convinced on what exactly you should do? Well, here are a few reasons as to why you should enroll yourself into a beauty school.

1. Flexibility of learning

In a beauty school, you have many options of learning that you can choose from. You can pick one that can fit in with your daily life in order for you to interact with your family, work or even go on that friends’ night out. By just choosing between part-time, or day or evening classes you will still get your full educational course as one studying full-time.

2. It’s more than just makeup

Most people think of a beauty school as “a place of where you just learn how to paint your face, big deal”. But beauty schools are way more than that. In a beauty school you learn how to perfectly draw an eyebrow, according to the shape of the face, how to put foundation the right way and so much more. Doing makeup is actually an art where you have to have the skill for it.

3. You get to express your artistic side

The beauty business brings out one’s inner most artistic side. It is not easy to find a profession that fully nurtures one talents but with beauticians that’s an everyday story. They get to practice this through different mediums and techniques.

4. You get into the workforce faster

Most people who commence into professions such as law or medicine often have to go through endless trainings and accumulate a vast number of student loans only to find that there are no jobs after they graduate but with a beauty school you don’t get that kind of problem due to the fact that the costs are low ascribed to the short time length of 2 years or less! Also the field is slowly growing therefore before you could even say jack Robinson you would have already found a job

5. It’s fun!

Doing someone’s makeup to look like pennywise, a flowery fairy or even a famous celebrities red carpet makeup design can honestly be very enjoyable and thrilling. Also learning how to draw a perfect winged eye is quite exhilarating. A beauty school is something that will definitely make you excited to go to school each day.

Well, what are you waiting for! You already know the importance right so enroll yourself today!!! -->











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