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An innovative, multi-functional micellar emulsion with a self-activating foaming mechanism. This is a 4-in-1 treatment cleanser that cleanses, exfoliates, masks as well as tones. This is a treatment cleanser and suitable for all skin conditions am & pm.


Benefits :
• pH5
• 4-in-1 treatment cleanser
• Fragrance-free
• Enzymatic action / pore-purifying
• Deep-cleanse
• Potent antioxidants
• Natural UV-blocking properties
• Leaves a natural protective film post-cleansing


How to use :
Gently apply gel onto dry skin. Wait until self-activating foam appears. Gently massage using circular motion. The enzyme will effectively exfoliate the skin at the same time. When used as a cleanser, just rinse well. Use it as a face mask, leave on for approximately 10 minutes and rinse well. This emulsion will leave the skin well-toned and nourished.

Kalahari Phyto-Foam Cleanser 50ml

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