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When it’s time to sleep—whenever that is—reset your skin with this luxe gel-cream moisturizer that Rihanna created specifically for her bedtime routine. 

- The rich yet lightweight gel-cream infuses skin with a surge of instant—and 8-hour—hydration
- Our most moisturizing cream gets a boost from essential hyaluronic acid, and globally sourced Kalahari melon oil and Baobab support deep hydration, helping to lock in moisture for plumper-looking skin
- Fine lines & wrinkles instantly look better—and over time they improve, too
- Pores and dark spots look visibly improved in just one week
- Over time, skin looks brighter and more even-toned
- See more elasticity (aka more snap to your skin) in one week
- The jar is refillable, and with its handy applicator (it’s in the cap), you can get your cream while keeping your nails out of the goop—we like to say it’s long-nail friendly 
- Clean, fresh scent inspired by lush tropical fruits and flowers
Our refillable technology is new for everyone! Here’s how to use it: Insert the inner jar by lining up the logo on the refill with the logo on the outer jar. Pop it in and press down ‘til it clicks! Peel off the refill foil. Twist on the lid. 

Use on dry, cleansed skin every evening after applying Fat Water.

Get the scoop: Open the flip-top lid for the applicator. Just press down on the right side of the scoop and it will pop out for use! 

To remove the refill, just press up from the bottom inner ring to pop it out.  

PS: The flip top can be used as a handle to easily twist open and close the jar!

Fenty Skin Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream 50ml

SKU: 840026647717

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