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What do you get when you combine the benefits of toner and serum in one? This universal game-changer snatches pores and dark spots, and has a unique thick texture we bet you haven’t felt before—it’s Rihanna’s fave step in her routine for a reason. 

- Get better, brighter skin, and then some: Pores look smaller, skin looks clearer
- Dark spots are less visible and your skin tone and texture evens out over time
- Instantly reduces oil and keeps you from looking shiny all day
- Its unique thick texture absorbs instantly; just pour it into your hand to apply. No cotton pads needed = less waste.
- It’s got all the perks of a serum, too: Nourishing hydration leaves skin smooth, plump, and replenished—never stripped, dry, or tight
- Smells like a sweet blend of cherry and sun-kissed fig

Toners help your pores look tighter and control oil, serums deliver powerful ingredients that target skin concerns like dark spots: This toner-serum combo does both. 
Twist and squeeze to use: Remove the top FS seal, gently twist the cap to the right, turn over and squeeze. Twist again to close. 
Use day + night on clean, dry skin. Apply to palms, then pat and press over your face; letting it absorb. During the day, follow with Hydra Vizor.

Fenty Skin Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum 150ml

SKU: 840026647151