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Dip into this ultra-luxe, deliciously whipped oil body moisturizer. A decadent combination of tropical butters and extracts melts onto skin, while a potent cocktail of seven oils deeply conditions. Glycerin helps lock in hydration for a nourished, glossy sheen effect. 

- It lives up to its name: this cream is generously loaded with nearly 25% rich butters and oils to intensely hydrate your skin both instantly, and all day 
- The rich, thick, whipped texture melts as you apply to replenish and renew thirsty skin
- Enjoy a flattering and lingering soft sheen that feels smooth and non-sticky
- A blend of seven essential oils helps deliver lasting moisturization
- Antioxidant and vitamin C-packed cherry extract helps restore skin’s vibrancy
- Glycerin, a powerfully effective humectant, helps lock in moisture
- Features our clean, fresh scent inspired by lush tropical fruits and flowers—the same one you love in Instant Reset!
Apply all over body once a day.
To remove the refill, just press up from the bottom inner ring to pop it out.

Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream Refill 200ml