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2-in-1 oil-emulsion moisturizer formulated with 100% natural ingredients to provide skin with comfort, vitality, and radiance.

A unique 2-in-1 oil-emulsion moisturizer, housed in an innovative dual-chamber bottle, that blends together the perfect balance of Clarins' iconic Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil and a melting lotion to provide skin with comfort, vitality, and radiance. This lightweight, non-oily moisturizer melts into the skin leaving it intensely hydrated, nourished, and radiant. Aromatic Blue Orchid extract and invigorating Patchouli essential oil—known for its spicy, amber and musk fragrance—helps tone, restore radiance and vitality. A blend of Hazelnut oil—rich in Omega 9 and vitamin E—Sweet Almond, Macadamia, and Grape Seed plant oils help soften and nourish the skin, thanks to their high content of fatty acids. Wintergreen extract, an anti-microbial plant, acts as a natural preservative. ECO-FRIENDLY FORMULA + DESIGN Plant Gold is a formula of 100% natural origin. True to Clarins’ commitment to 100% Green Beauty, the formula is free of synthetic fragrance, chemical preservatives or coloring agents. The packaging contains recycled materials and the carton is made of cardboard sourced from sustainably-managed forests .


Leaves skin hydrated, nourished, and radiant Formulated with ingredients that are of 100% natural origin Aromatic essential oils and plant extracts uplift the senses Silky, non-greasy texture Free of synthetic fragrance, chemical preservative, and coloring agents

Proven Results

81%* Revitalized skin 81%** Natural scent brings a feeling of well-being 82%** Radiant skin 82%** More toned skin 92%* Skin is immediately comfortable 92%** Fine and lightweight texture 94%* Skin is immediately nourished *Satisfaction test - 110 women - after 15 days of application **Satisfaction test - 110 women - upon application


Use morning and/or evening.

Apply to clean face and neck each morning.

Skin Type

All skin types

Clarins Plant Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Oil-Emulsion 35ml

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