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CK IN2U for Men is a bright, woody oriental. Penetrating with bold lime gin fizz and cool musk, it creates a contrasting effervescence that cannot be contained. This scent embodies a fresh outlook and sense of unprecedented passion, where connections are made spontaneously and effortlessly. A fiery heart of pimiento combines with the slight spice of shiso leaves and warm cacao. The sparkle of lime gin fizz and tangelo contributes a fun sense of playfulness. Warm vetiver and palissander wood offer a solid base, with cool musks radiating from top to bottom. A complicated mix, much like our inner desires which cannot be tamed once awakened. This is a scent for a world where sensual freedom of expression is the norm and a sense of innocent playfulness drives underlying feelings of passion. CK IN2U embodies the confidence and sensual masculinity of the modern man. A cool fragrance that inspires spontaneity.

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CALVIN KLEIN In2 U Eau De Toilette 100ml Spray For Men

SKU: 88300196890

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