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Prep your complexion and keep your makeup in place with the Correcting & Radiance Primer.
Its creamy and tinted formula leaves a velvety matte finish to the skin, while improving skin glow, and reveals a radiant complexion. 
Its blurring effect, which helps minimize imperfections, creates the perfect canvas for foundation application. What’s more, it can be used on its own for a healthy glow.
The Correcting & Radiance Primer is available in 3 shades to meet the needs of your skin tone:
- The apricot shade n°2 for light to tan skin tones (families 0 et 1);
- The pink shade n°3 for tan skin to dark skin tones (families 2 et 3);
- The caramel shade n°1 for dark to deep skin tones (families 4 et 5).



• Improves makeup wear
• Illuminates the complexion for a glowing effect
• Its blurring effect helps minimize imperfections

Black Up Correcting and Radiant Primer BCT03 30ml

SKU: 3700187442361

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