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Thanks to the presence of different molecular weights (low, medium and high) of hyaluronic acid, it provides the anti-wrinkle, wrinkle-filling, moisturizing effects as well as it increases elasticity of the skin at once.
The Hero Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen %3 +  Low, Medium, High-MW Hyaluronic Acid 1,5%

• Hydrolyzed Collagen improves the look of fine lines, wrinkles, firmness and supports synthesis of collagen.
• Hyaluronic 3D contains low-medium-high molecular weight HAs that
provide multi-depth hydration at once.  Hyaluronic acid retains up to 1000 times its weight in water, helping to fill wrinkles and restore skin's fullness.


BEST FOR TREATING: Loss of elasticity, wrinkles&fine lines,sagging skin and dryness.
BENEFITS: Skin Plumper, skin booster, multi-depth hydration, anti-wrinkle, collagen & hyaluronic acid support.
SKIN TYPES FOR USE: For all types of skin.
FORM: Fast absorbing, velvety rich moisturizing cream.

Bio Balance Super Plump Hyaluronic 3D 1,5% Plus Collagen 3% Cream 50ml

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