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Discover our new perfumed creation Starnight! A floral explosion full of femininity and smoothness... An oriental fragrance, enveloping & irresistible !  

Like a magic trick, you become the center of attention for a unique and wonderful evening. With confidence and stars in your eyes, you will enjoy every moment in the spotlight. You literally radiate, like a star in the night.

The fragrance opens with a ball of fruity and luminous notes, including a precious pear nectar that blends with a floral symphony full of femininity and delicacy. Then it's the turn of a creamy and addictive whipped cream and a woody vanilla to infuse an enveloping and comforting delicacy. An unforgettable and irresistible perfume, like a waking dream.



Adopt Starnight EDP 100ml

SKU: 3701429800017

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