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How To Create a Flawless No Makeup Makeup Look

The best thing about No Makeup Makeup is the ability to see the person’s skin and its vibrancy. You can rock it in the day, night and day-to-night.  This application allows you to see the woman’s totality and you’re not distracted by her makeup.

And this by any means doesn't mean that No Makeup Makeup doesn’t require work! Like everything else, it does (maybe even more so). The main difference is this particular makeup look is the polar opposite of contour insanity: classic, tasteful and timeless. 

Here's how to create a flawless No Make-Up Make-Up Look;

1. Prep your skin with a moisturizer containing SPF. 

 This isn’t just an effective anti-aging and anti-skin-cancer strategy; the right amount of hydration for your skin              makes the perfect glowy base for your No Makeup endeavours. 

2. Choose the right concealer color.

If you have discoloration under your eyes, choose a corrector to neutralize the discoloration and apply concealer on top. Your concealer color should always blend in and be the same color as the rest of your face. This is where your aggressively unfiltered aesthetically inclined friend comes in handy. Take him or her around to various lighting environments and ask them to stare at your face for confirmation. If they can see your concealer, you’ll need to change it up.

3. Pick a foundation color that blends in seamlessly with your skin. 

It should look like you don’t have makeup on.  This may sound anti-climatic, but the point is that it should optimize your skin color and provide a blank slate with no frills. 

Bonus Tip: If you have a lot of blemishes, scars or anything else you need to conceal by layering on foundation, don’t fret: Use a wet beautyblender sponge. You won’t look like you’ve caked on makeup!

If you do nothing else right, moisturize and get your concealer and foundation colors right — and you’re already 40% there.  Congratulations!

4. Apply a creme-based cheek color. 

Find a shade that brightens your face and makes you look uplifted and happy. Creme formulas are the best because they melt into skin, making you look dewy and rosy without all that glitter or cakey powder.


5. Choose subtle eye makeup. 

Try a sweep of a neutral eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.  Nothing too labor-intensive.  Save your precise cat eye for a different makeup look.

Here's an example of no make-up make-up rocked effortlessly;

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