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Clarins Anti-aging

Clarins has a routine for everyone!  

With over 60 years of developing plant-based formulas with the best anti- aging ingredients for each skin type, age, and beauty concern.  

Explore below to find yours.


Targets and reduces the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles by preserving the skin’s natural moisture.

Expertly smoothing, revitalizing, and boosting radiance to reveal younger-looking skin. Designed to keep up with the hectic lifestyles of women in their thirties!

•Early fine lines are visibly smoothed

•Increased radiance

•Improves skin tone


The expert firming wrinkle control cream with a fresh and silky texture that puts the spring back into your skin.

The key ingredient, extract of kangaroo flower, helps plump and firm the skin for a smoother, radiant and visibly younger-looking complexion.

•Wrinkles visibly reduced

•Facial contours appear sculpted

•Instant smoothing effect

•Increased radiance

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Complete replenishing action for more fragile, aging skin going through hormonal changes.

Enriched with Organic Harungana extract – nature’s retinol – this age-defying cream intensively replenishes the skin on all levels.


•Instantly brightens and smoothes

•Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles

•Lifts and combats slackening

•Nourishes and moisturizes



Clarins Pro-Aging Skin Nutrition. With a powerful active ingredient duo from the Horse Chestnut Tree which acts on the micronutrient network, this cream restores luminosity to undernourished skin, leaving your complexion revitalised, hydrated, and radiant.

•Intensely nourishes

•Restores skin’s radiance

•Lifts and replenishes

•Reinforces the skin’s barrier function

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Boosts the efficacy of your anti-aging cream!

2 power-packed serums in 1 to act visibly on the signs of skin ageing. Concentrated in 21 potent plant extracts, its unique double formula - oil & water - imitated the skin’s hydrolipidic film to boost in 5 vital functions.


After 7 days*:

•Instant radiance

•Reduced pores and fine lines

•Visibly younger looking skin

*Satisfaction test, multi-ethnic panel, 362 women

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