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Importance Of Well Grooming

by Allan Gitau

Have you ever wondered why well-groomed individuals always seem to get what they want, when they want it? Well, the answer lies in the question. THEY ARE WELL GROOMED.

Proper grooming is very important to gain positive first impressions, and getting to be regarded highly not just in the workplace, but in society as a whole. The way you take care of your body and anything you put on it is an important part of your image. No one wants to talk to, let alone associate, with people who portray poor images.

At Lintons Beauty World, we believe that everything begins with how you look.  With a poor look, you increase the chances of getting turned away. But if you look good, then what’s to stop you from conquering the world?

This is the message we carried to this year’s LSK annual conference held at the Leisure Lodge in Kwale County.  For high profile careers such as law, it is imperative that the practitioners look and play the part.











Here are three tips that can help you maintain an authentic, attractive and appropriate look;

  1. Take The Time To Dress Well – Always be stylish and learn how to dress for your body type as a woman or as a man. Many a times we go wrong by wearing the wrong outfits just because they are in style. Being chic doesn’t mean chasing every trend. Also, remember to dress for the occasion. What you’d wear for a night out isn’t necessarily what you’d wear to the movies. Be casual when you need to be, and dress to impress when you need to.

  2. Learn How To Apply Proper Make-Up – Poorly applied make-up will make you look worse, not better. For a professional setting, natural looking make-up works best as it’s not distracting. Keep it simple. But remember, wearing no makeup at all is almost as bad as wearing too much makeup. Click here for tips on how to wear ‘no makeup’ makeup.

3. Apply Cologne Properly – We are all attracted to that which has a nice scent. It’s generally how the human nature is. So             owning a nice bottle of perfume is important to complete your look. But for a professional setting, never over apply. Always       keep it light. Strong scents can easily push people away, leaving you frustrated.

Looking good has a positive effect on one’s self confidence. A boost in self-confidence will have a tremendous effect on productivity, self-efficacy, and overall workplace happiness.

So, whatever career you’re in, be it a lawyer, doctor, pilot, teacher, or even a farmer; remember that well groomed individuals always seem to get what they want :-)

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