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Andy Nicole


Training process at Lintons.

At Lintons the training process takes a wide turn into a whole diverse boom in the beauty industry. The students’ gets to begin from the very basic knowledge everyone knows of to the very last of detail that there is. Emerging trends are well dealt with this way a student keeps on the know.

We have trainers with specialties in what they have done best at for many years. In Kenya it is only at Lintons Beauty College that you will get to be trained as an Artist that will be diverse and can switch up into different roles in the makeup and entrepreneurial field.


My advice to all the young people out there with the interest in joining the beauty industry, Patience should be your virtue, hard work your best friend and Passion what drives you. With this in mind always remember “In the beauty world, you reflect what you give.


Team of passionate beauty enthusiasts, under Lintons Beauty World, a leading beauty company in East and Central Africa that works with the most prestigious beauty and cosmetics brands in the world.

There is a tremendous need for exceptionally trained beauty professionals within the region, and we have the capacity and talent to facilitate this training at international standard.

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